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The story of the La Costa in Bra restaurant-pizzeria-ice cream parlor began in 1800, during Napoleon’s reign. At that time there was a Parisian café in via Costa, a special place in Verona between Piazza Erbe and Piazza Dante, right under the arch where legend has it Romeo and Juliet kissed for the first time.

Subsequently a wood-fired oven was built in this café and La Costa became the first place in Verona offering pizzas, at that time still a new product while now it is an irreplaceable part of our traditions. La Costa in Bra, which moved to Piazza Brà in 2005, welcomes you to its restaurant-pizzeria-ice cream parlor on Verona’s Listone, facing the world famous Arena and in the city’s liveliest and most exciting square. Here you can enjoy all our dishes, all our pizzas and our delicious ice cream.

We are here to serve you all year round, at your full disposal with a staff of professionals offering fast and courteous service.