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There is a long history behind the La Costa restaurant pizzeria ice cream parlor. It began when we were still located in a special venue in the center of Verona: via Costa, right between Piazza Erbe and Piazza dei Signori, under the arch where legend has it Romeo and Juliet, the star-crossed lovers of William Shakespeare’s famed drama, exchanged a kiss for the first time. This arch – the Costa (rib) Arch – is decorated by the rib of a whale although some say it is really the rib of a dinosaur or an ichthyosaur or a mysterious monster. To the point where this rib has been hanging there for centuries and no one really knows why. In any case the name of our premises, Costa (rib) originated from this.

La Costa opened in the early 19th century as a simple coffee shop. In 1962 it took an important step forward thanks to the arrival of our first pizza oven. La Costa became the first place in Verona offering pizzas to its clientele at a time when pizzas were truly a novelty for everyone.

Today’s La Costa restaurant-pizzeria-ice cream parlor presents a decidedly rich menu. A wide range of offerings: first and second courses of fish and meat, nutritious and refreshing salads, sweets, ice cream and… naturally… a splendid abundance of pizzas, all to choose and enjoy!

We moved from via Costa to Piazza Bra, on the Liston, in 2005. We welcome our Customers in this prestige square, offering them high quality and original dishes prepared by our chefs, fragrant pizzas baked by our pizza bakers, our many varieties of ice cream and the beverages at our coffee bar. Here we continue with our tradition of quality service and product freshness in an inimitable location. Here we continue with our intention: to create a memorable taste and visual experience for tourists and for the people of Verona, our customers practically ever since the start, for families and for all those who choose to dine with us every day.