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Gluten free mother yeast

All the lightness of the Mother Yeast, without gluten and dairy.

At pizzeria La Costa in Bra you can enjoy a gluten-free pizza in its best natural recipe. Because we prepare it with our completely without gluten Mother Yeast, born on the 31st of January 2016 thanks to the dedication and passion of our pizza maker.

Our dough is fresh. We prepare it with a mix of flours (rice, corn and almonds), and with already active gluten-free natural yeast. We refresh it daily, then the dough naturally leaven at least 24 hours, becoming light and easy to digest.

La Costa’s gluten-free Mother Yeast is also dairy-free. Such as celiac disease, even the lactose intolerance is becoming more widespread and we wanted to make our pizza also suitable for those who suffer this problem.

Because we believe that pizza is a pleasure. And it has to be a pleasure for everyone.


tel: +39 045 597468