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We are in Verona. We are in Verona’s historic center. We are in Piazza Bra. This is where our La Costa in Bra restaurant-pizzeria-ice cream parlor is located. This is where you have the possibility of enjoying our dishes, our pizzas, restoring yourselves after a walk under the sun, tasting our delicious ice cream sundaes while admiring a spectacular view of Piazza Brà, the historic center of Verona’s social life. Have a seat at our tables after your walk along the Liston, Verona’s famed strolling place with a sidewalk made of rose marble and overlooked by palaces which were once the mansions of important and noble families.

Here in our La Costa in Bra restaurant-pizzeria-ice cream parlor you can dine while admiring the absolute beauty that surrounds you: immeasurable artistic splendor. The highest caliber of artists have transited here and fearless men have left tangible signatures in their wake because here, in the large and wide Bra, the main square of Verona with its gardens, fountain and gates with their celebrated clock, we have the greatest bastion of the city, the Arena. Verona’s amphitheater, with its still-standing north wing, is the third largest in Italy and every year is the venue of a summer opera season with a quality and reputation that attract opera fans and onlookers from all over the world.

Here, from the tables of the La Costa restaurant-pizzeria-ice cream parlor, our tourists and many others can enjoy classic as well as “revisited” dishes of Italian cuisine, accompanying them with our excellent local wine. They can choose among our many fine pizzas, which certainly do not sin for lack of originality, and conclude with a cup of coffee perhaps in the company of our Costa ice cream sundae, absolutely undisturbed by the constant “come and go” of passers-by. Here, from our tables, all our Customers are enchanted by the charm and elegance of Piazza Bra, authentic magic that always happens and always repeats, remaining unchanged year after year.