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The La Costa in Bra restaurant, in the historic center of Verona, is the ideal place to start or end your discovery walk through beauties and excellences of our city.

Our cuisine is varied. It is classic. Or light. It delights every palate. Tasty pasta with seafood and first courses with that special “homemade” flavor: from vegetable soup to tortellini with rucola and speck, from Mediterranean-style gnocchi to oven-baked lasagne with egg-based dough, from pappardelle with edible boletus to our new entry: ravioli with ricotta and herbs in melted butter… and naturally spaghetti with meat sauce or tomato sauce or garlic, oil and hot pepper… Plus fresh salads, delicious and summer favorites, such as our special Costa in Brà and Mediterranean, and meat or fish second courses, grilled and served with fresh vegetables.

Our restaurant also offers the classic dishes of famous Italian cuisine: from ham and melon to Caprese salad, from spaghetti with clams and cherry tomatoes to breaded veal cutlets with French fries. And an infinite variety of hors d’oeuvres and cold cuts that are absolute musts during the summer, replenishing your energy levels after your tour through the center of Verona, sending away heat and fatigue: from seafood salads with cuttlefish, octopus, prawns, celery and cherry tomatoes to Parma ham and melon, veal with tuna sauce, Parma ham with corn salad and balsamic vinegar, beef Carpaccio with chips of Parmesan and fresh champignons and, last but not least, another novelty: Burrata Pugliese with Parma ham!

Plus many side dishes and a selection of fresh and aged cheeses. All accompanied by wines from our well-furnished cellar, wines produced by well-known Veronese wineries as well as from the rest of Italy.